12 Amazing Health Benefits from Banana

Banana, one of the most useful and popular fruits on the market, is very popular. This long, yellowish-yellow fruit is technically a berry. It’s a Musaceae berry, which is found in most parts of India.

Indian bananas are an important food. It can be used as a sweet ingredient in desserts and salads. It can be eaten raw or ripe.

For your health, doctors always recommend you include an apple in your diet. Bananas are just as nutritious and healthy as apples, so consider adding them to your diet. They can protect your health by providing essential nutrients.

banana benefits

Information about bananas

Bananas are high in vitamins, minerals as well as fiber, and simple sugar. They have no fat. Bananas contain high levels of vitamins B6, vitamin A, and folate, as well as fibers, magnesium potassium, and carbohydrates.

Energy Booster:-

Appalachian State University’s 2012 study found that bananas provide more energy than expensive sports beverages. Daily ONE Two bananas can provide enough calories to go for a one-and-a-half-hour walk or exercise.

Don’t drink coffee or indulge in sugary snacks if you feel tired and slow. Instead, eat a banana. You’ll feel more energetic and will not experience the sudden crash that can be caused by coffee or cake.

This helps muscles recover after an exercise session:-

The potassium found in bananas can help you recover after a workout. After exercise, bananas may be a good option to strengthen your muscles.

This helps to reduce bloating:-


Bloating can cause you to feel uneasy. Bananas can help you with this, as they fight gas and water retention. It could increase the stomach’s bloat-fighting bacteria. Potassium-rich, it can also help decrease the body’s retained fluid.

This will help you feel fuller:-

Unripe bananas are more filling than ripe bananas, and you will feel fuller for longer. It is high in a special starch known as resistant starch. This starch aids in resisting digestion. It can help you feel fuller and suppress your hunger. Because the bananas are bitter, it is possible to blend them with other fruits and veggies.

It may be helpful for a hangover:-

After a hard party, a hangover is the worst. Bananas might be helpful in this situation. You may find relief by drinking a banana smoothie that contains milk/curd or bananas with some milk and a few strawberries.

Supports eye health:-

banana benefits

Bananas are rich in vitamins A, E, lutein, and antioxidants which help to maintain healthy vision. Lutein, a nutrient, may reduce your risk of macular degeneration.

It may be possible to whiten your teeth:-

Whitening your teeth is easy with the help of banana peel. You can achieve brighter and whiter teeth by gently rubbing the banana peel’s inside for around 2 minutes.

Bananas contain manganese which is good for your skin:-

One medium-sized banana can provide approximately 13% of your daily manganese requirements. Manganese aids in the creation of collagen and protects skin and other cells from damage by free radicals.

Natural Laxative:-

Bananas are a great way to say goodbye. constipation well-ripened bananas are rich in fiber, which helps maintain normal bowel function. A 2014 Chinese study found that they can improve the flow of waste through your bowels. Journal of Medicinal Food. Consume ripe bananas two times a day.

Might improve kidney health:-

Bananas contain potassium which is good for your kidneys. Research shows that banana-eating people are half as likely to develop kidney disease if they eat it 4-6 times per week.

Combats anemia:-

The high folate content of bananas makes them healthy for people with anemia. The daily intake of bananas can help to reduce fatigue and paleness caused by anemia.

Improves digestion and reduce gastrointestinal issues:-

A medium banana can provide approximately 10-12% of your daily fiber requirements. Singapore’s Health Promotion Board recommends 20g daily for women and 26g per day for men.

Your health is dependent on both insoluble and soluble fibers. Soluble fiber helps you control your blood sugar levels and gets rid of fatty substances, such as cholesterol. Insoluble fiber increases weight and softens stool, making it easier to have regular bowel movements. This helps protect your gut from harmful bacteria and keeps it healthy.

Even newly ripened bananas have resistant starch which can be difficult to digest in your small intestine. It is able, however, to pass into your large intestine. Because you are fuller for longer, these bananas will help you manage your weight.

However, bananas can help with gastrointestinal issues like:

  • constipation
  • Stomach ulcers:
  • Heartburn

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