Allicin Amino Acid Potency and Absorption?

Allicin Amino Acid


Allicin amino acid, a powerful antibiotic, is a compound found in garlic. It’s possible to find it in its natural form, but it does not necessarily mean it cannot be. This is chemically converted to a different form by enzyme alliinase when it is crushed or chopped.

It is not a stable complex as it disintegrates slowly when it stands, and it can be quickly destroyed when it is cooked. It is able to fight arteriosclerosis and make a significant contribution medicinally. This can also dissolve fats and act as an antioxidant.

Caballito and colleagues discovered allicin amino acids in 1944. They were known for their antimicrobial properties. It is protected by patents for its antifungal activity, which is demonstrated in test tubes. It was not tested in clinical trials and it has never been commercially developed. This is due to its foul odor and absorption inability.

Potential Value Of Allicin Amino Acids

Some manufacturers tried to stop its usual loss so it wouldn’t come together until after consumption in order to produce it inside the body.

Allicin Amino Acid

To determine how much was produced, you need to measure the water added to garlic products that both contain alliinase and alliinase. That was then discovered that the actual fabrication of the body is quite different from that done in a tube. It is because of intestinal conditions that hinder its generation such as the stomach acid wrecks Aliinase, and intestinal fluids deplete it multiplies.

It was discovered that the liquids found in the stomach and intestines can weigh the effects of normal digestion on the nutrient at issue. Alliinase, the enzyme responsible for the conversion of alliin to allicin, was found to be irreversibly neutralized to pH3, the acidic environment found within the belly.

Absorption Features Of Allicin Amino Acids

The allicin amino acid cannot be bioavailable. A study was conducted in which 25 people consumed approximately 90,000mg crushed garlic with ten cloves. After 1 to 24 hours, there was no trace in the urine or blood.

Allicin Amino Acid

Allicin amino acids are completely metabolized by the liver because of their high reactivity. It would have been possible to reach the blood and show alterations into other compounds in five minutes. It could also have corroded the blood cells, causing them to lose their ability to carry oxygen.

Allicin amino acids are quickly metabolized in blood and tissues. However, it is not known if allicin amino acid contributes to blood-thinning or antithrombotic actions.

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