Take collagen supplements for the best 5 benefits

This article will highlight 5 scientifically proven health benefits that collagen supplements could provide. It is the primary component of connective tissue, which makes up many body components such as tendons, ligaments, and skin.

Collagen plays many roles in your body.

Recent years have seen collagen supplements become increasingly popular. Hydrolyzed means that the collagen is reduced in order to make it more absorbable.

collagen supplements

For an increase in collagen intake, you could also eat pork skin and bone broth. Collagen can offer many health benefits, including pain relief for joints and better skin health.

Can improve skin health

It may strengthen your skin and improve its elasticity. It can reduce collagen production, which can lead to skin dryness and wrinkle formation (4TrustedSource).

Numerous studies have shown that collagen supplements, or peptides containing, collagen, can slow down your skin’s aging process. This includes reducing wrinkles and dryness.

Another study revealed that women who drank a drink with a collagen supplement for 12 consecutive weeks had significantly better skin hydration (6).

Collagen supplements have been shown to reduce wrinkles and stimulate your body’s production of collagen (Trusted source, 5).

collagen supplements

Supplements with collagen might also encourage the production of other proteins that help shape your skin like elastin or fibrillin.

Many people believe collagen supplements can reduce the appearance of skin conditions like acne. Scientific evidence does not support this belief. You can order collagen supplements online.


Supplements containing collagen may slow down the aging process. The effects of collagen on the skin will only be confirmed by research.

It can help relieve joint pain

Collagen helps maintain the integrity of your cartilage. Collagen is a rubber-like substance that protects your joint joints.

As you get older, your body’s collagen levels decrease, and your risk of developing degenerative joints diseases like osteoarthritis (9).

Two studies have proven that collagen supplements can help with osteoarthritis and joint pain (Trusted Source 9, 9).

collagen supplements

One study found that athletes who consumed 10g per day of collagen for 24 weeks had significantly less joint pain at rest and walking than those who did. (Trusted source).

Another study revealed that adults consumed an average of 2 grams of collagen each day for 70 days. The collagen-taking adult had less joint pain and was more able to exercise (11TrustedSource).

Research shows that supplemental collagen can accumulate in cartilage, stimulating the production of collagen.

This can result in less inflammation and better support for your joints.

You can take a collagen supplement to get some pain relief. Study results suggest that you should start with 8-12g per day (9, 13TrustedSource).


Supplements that contain collagen have been shown to reduce inflammation and increase the production of collagen. This could be helpful for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

This could stop bone loss

Collagen is the key component of bones. It gives them structure and keeps them strong (14Trusted Source).

As you age, your bone mass will decrease as well as your collagen levels. Low bone density can cause osteoporosis. (14TrustedSource,15TrustedSource).

Research has shown that collagen supplements may have some positive effects on the body. These could help prevent bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis.

One study revealed that women could choose to take either a calcium-rich supplement with 5 grams collagen or a calcium-rich supplement without collagen each day for 12 consecutive months.

According to the study, women who took the supplement with calcium and collagen had lower levels of protein which promotes bone loss than those who took only the calcium (16Trusted Source).

Another study revealed similar results for 66 females who consumed 5 grams of collab daily over 12 months.

Collagen-consuming women had a 7% rise in bone mineral density (BMD). This was compared to those who didn’t. (17Trusted source).

BMD is a measure of the mineral content in your bones. Low BMD can lead to osteoporosis or weak bones.

These promising results have yet to be verified by human trials.


Collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. They can boost BMD and reduce blood proteins that promote bone loss.

Increase muscle mass

Collagen accounts for between 1-10% of all muscle tissue. This protein is crucial to maintain muscle strength and proper function (19Trusted source).

Researchers have found that collagen supplements can increase muscle mass for those suffering from sarcopenia (20TrustedSource).

One study revealed that 27 men in their 70s consumed 15g of collagen per day during exercise for 12 weeks. They had greater muscle and strength when they exercised with collagen (20TrustedSource).

Research suggests that collagen supplementation could increase muscle protein, such as creatine, and stimulate muscle growth after exercise (20Trusted source).

Further research is necessary to fully understand the potential of collagen in increasing muscle mass.


Collagen supplements have been shown to increase strength and growth in people suffering from age-related muscular loss.

Promotion of heart health

Research suggests that collagen supplements might help lower your risk of developing coronary disease.

Collagen provides structure to blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest. Your arteries may become more fragile and weaker due to the collagen in them (1Trusted source).

Atherosclerosis refers to a condition that narrows the arteries. Atherosclerosis can lead to heart attack and stroke (21Trusted Source).

For six months, 31 healthy adults consumed 16 grams of collagen daily. Their arteries were significantly stiffer at the end of the study (22Trusted source).

The average HDL “good cholesterol” level was also up by 6 percent. HDL plays an important part in heart disease risk factors such as atherosclerosis, 22TrustedSource.

But, more research is needed in order to discover the role of collagen in heart health.


Collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of heart disease like atherosclerosis.

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